2002 – Fluid Kayaks is established by Celliers Kruger. Factory building is bought in Parys, Free State. Parys is situated on the banks of the Vaal River, second largest river in South Africa. Development of first kayaks starts.
2003 – Prototypes of various kayaks are tested and first rotomoulding machine is built.
2004 – The Flirt series, Fluid’s first whitewater playboat, and the Synergy, Fluid’s first recreational sit-on-top, is released in the beginning of 2004. Initial distribution is established in the USA and NZ.
2005 – The Solo Series, Fluid’s first creekboat, and the Vaya, our kiddies sit-on-top, went into production. Initial distribution is established in Europe.

2006 – The Spice series, a whitewater riverrunner, is released.The Chumani, a single version of the double seater Synergy, also goes in production.

2007 – The Nemesis series, Fluid’s second whitewater playboat, is released.
2008 – The Element is released to critical acclaim. The best fusion of playboating and surf kayaking in one boat, still in a class of it’s own. The Buddy, a short playfull sit-on-top is also released.
2009 – The Donsa is released, setting a new standard for plastic slalom kayaks. The Locomotion, a unique sit-on-top that can be transformed to a double or triple is also released.
2010 – The Detox series high performance riverrunner/creeker is released, as well as the Bamba, Fluid’s first full-on fishing kayak.
2011 – The Vuvubat is released, setting a new standard for plastic polo kayaks. This is followed by the Big Bang, a high performance expedition whitewater kayak, and the Anvil, a hydrospeed setting new standards for the fast growing sport.
2012 – Production of all whitewater and most recreational kayaks is moved to the USA. The Bazooka (new creeker series), Dope (new playboat series) and Do It Now (unique whitewater sit-on-top) is released
2013 – Production of all whitewater kayaks is moved to the UK, while production of some other models is moved to the USA.