Bazooka Whitewater Kayak

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Describing the Bazooka inevitably feels a bit like we’re unveiling a new super-weapon. It is super-fast and amazingly manoeuvrable; stable yet very responsive; precise and forgiving. It doesn’t stop for anything unless you want it to, and it doesn’t lead you where you don’t want to be. It boofs like a fighter jet touching down and tracks like a Bounty Hunter who is broke.

Breaking is one thing the Bazooka will not do. It’s tougher than Chuck Norris’ reputation and handles rock better than the Rolling Stones with enough volume to keep you above water, so you can hear your mates cheering at how you aced that run.

So, if you want to blast through creeks like the opening scene of a Bond movie, without being shaken or stirred, haul Fluid’s Bazooka onto your shoulder, take aim and fire!


* Please note that the colour of the product may differ from the image displayed.
This is purely a guideline.  Fluid also reserves the right to change the colour spectrum and shades without any formal notice.

Easy To Carry
Ocean Surf
Deep-Sea Fishing
Fresh Water Fishing


Length: 232 cm / 7’7″
Width: 65 cm / 25.5″
Weight: 19.5 kg / 43 lbs
Cockpit size: 50 x 89 cm / 19.75″ x 35″
Paddler weight range: 50-95 kg / 110-210 lbs

Length: 248 cm / 8’1″
Width: 68 cm / 26.75″
Weight: 20.5 kg / 45 lbs
Cockpit size: 50 x 89 cm / 19.75″ x 35″
Paddler weight range: 65-110 kg / 140-240 lbs

Length: 263 cm / 8’7″
Width: 70 cm / 27’5″
Weight: 21.5 kg / 47 lbs
Cockpit size: 50 x 90 cm / 19.75″ x 35.5″
Paddler weight range: 80-130 kg / 175-285 lbs






  • Displacement hull
  • Soft rails starting at the paddler’s hips, transferring to sharper rails towards the stern making ferries and catching eddies effortless.
  • Sidewalls and split line transition to the deck are designed to increase secondary stability and ease of rolling.
  • Distribution of volume ensures the Bazooka stays on top of the water.
  • Peaked deck on the bow to ensure predictable resurfacing.
  • Contoured stern deck to propel Bazooka forwards during resurfacing.
  • 5 aluminium grab handles designed for easy clipping with a carabiner.
  • Step out pillar allows easy exit in the case of a vertical pin, and also provides handle when carrying the Bazooka.
  • MOD5 outfitting features a roto moulded seat & spine that provides stiffness that translates to stability.

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