CHOOSING the right Competition Kayak

Competition kayaks are traditionally composite. Although the Fluid kayaks compromise on weight and speed the plastic versions are fantastic for training and development due to their hardiness.

Canoe Polo

Canoe Polo is a team sport similar to water polo where two teams compete for suspended goals. Once again the kayak is low volume with the inclusion of foam bumpers. For training the plastic boats means that patching or replacing is not necessary.

The Vuvubat

Since its release the boat got rave reviews from countless clubs who were surprised and impressed that such a high level of performance could be achieved with a plastic polo kayak.

The tough construction of the Vuvubat makes it perfect for beginner to intermediate polo kayakers. It is the ideal boat for kayak polo clubs, where the Vuvubat will outlast composite boats by years.

Features include an adjustable seat, integrated foam bumpers and easily adjustable footbraces.


Down river slalom is an Olympic sport where the paddler/s tackle a course manoeuvering around strategically placed gates as fast as possible.


The Donsa is a sit-inside kayak with low volume on the bow and stern, aiding quick turns and speed. Although classed as a slalom boat the Donsa has been used on down river whitewater races with success, owing to its speed.