CHOOSING the right Recreational/Fishing Kayak

Recreational sit-on-tops

All models in our current range of recreational kayaks are of the sit-on-top variety. This means that they are sealed units that won’t fill up with water if you should capsize. In fact, you can just climb right back onto the boat and continue paddling again. Secondly, there are fewer components that can break. This doesn’t mean that sit-inside kayaks are no good; we will introduce some sit-inside kayaks to our range too in the near future. But a sit-on-top has some distinct advantages, especially in warmer climates. All our sit-on-tops are really stable too, you need no experience and no good balance to enjoy these boats.

Single sit-on-top

All three these sit-on-tops are so called singles and have more or less the same carrying capacity.


If you plan to cover some distance and therefore need some speed, the Chumani will work best for you.    


The Buddy is more maneuverable, surfs really well on ocean waves and is slightly lighter than the Locomotion.


The Locomotion on the other hand has the big advantage that you can link two or three boats together, making them very versatile for families and also resorts.

Double sit-on-top

The Synergy

Carries more speed than the singles mentioned above, and has the advantage that it can be paddled as a single or a double. It is no coincidence that the Synergy has been our best selling model for a few years running now. Its all-round capabilities are much loved by numbers of happy Synergy owners.


The Bamba

If you are a serious fisherman, look no further than our Bamba, a dedicated fishing kayak.

Synergy Angler, Chumani Angler and Buddy Angler are the recreational kayaks modified with rod holders as angling options.


The Bamba and the Synergy

If you fancy yourself an explorer of some sort and need speed and packing space, the Bamba will do the trick. The enormous fishing compartment between the legs doubles up as a huge gear compartment, and there is ample room on the boat to carry a lot more. If you don’t really need that much boat for your extended trip, the Synergy has been used on various multiday trips too with great success.




The Vaya –  There is no better boat on the market for small kids up to about 40kg/90lbs. It is safe, easy to paddle, and very affordable. If you want your kids to start paddling early without getting a fright, this is the boat to have.