CHOOSING the right Kayak

Which Kayak should you buy?

Fluid has a range of kayaks to suit a variety of needs. This range is split between recreational, whitewater and competition. All kayaks are roto-moulded plastic and are hardy and long lasting.

The difference between the three categories links up to which purpose you would like to use your kayak. Follow the links to learn more.

Recreational/Fishing kayaks are also known as sit-on-tops. They are stable, fun craft that don’t require you to be strapped in. In this categorie we have a kayak for kids, for singles and doubles, as well as our fishing range. These are great additions to your outdoor leisure equipment as they are easy to use, don’t require patching and there is something for everyone to use on rivers or in the sea.

Whitewater kayaks are designed to sit inside and tackle rapids on rivers and do tricks on waves. Sitting inside adds to the control needed to tackle steep creeks or throw big moves on a wave. that being said fluid once again changed the rules and made the Do It Now a sit-on-top whitewater kayak, designed to handle moderate whitewater with the use of thigh-straps rather than siting inside.

Competition kayaks include the Donsa a slalom boat and the Vuvubat a canoe polo kayak. The Vuvuabt and the Donsa are plastic versions of the traditionally used composite kayaks, trading up some speed for hardiness, ideal for training and development.